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Jul 28, 2022

The ladies finally review Bronze Age Mindset.

Jul 19, 2022

The ladies discuss AOC's heckling clapback, the sad return of Hunter Biden discourse, the even sadder return of "hot girl" discourse, and Elon Musk pulling out of the Twitter deal.

Jul 11, 2022

The ladies head to Vegas to see Morrissey at Caesars Palace. With cameos by Anna's sister Nina and baby daddy Eli.

Jul 4, 2022

Curtis Yarvin aka Mencius Moldbug joins the ladies on America's special day to discuss the cathedral, monarchy, love, Litvinism, and the state of the nation.

Jul 2, 2022

The ladies discuss Bodega Bro, drag queen story hour, the SCOTUS abortion ruling, the R. Kelly verdict, New Zealand, and more. Plus Dasha vows to take a DNA test.